1C2 - Abstract Pixels

Felix Woitzel May 16, 2015

Chaos Cologne 2015 - Abstract Pixels

Felix Woitzel
May 16, 2015


Hey, what's up with the infinity of Pi?
Pardon, you mean Processing Instructions?
No, really, Political Incorrectness.

For art and critical thinking,
Let's waste cycles!

A script kid career brought me here

Milkdrop music visualization

Milkdrop since version 2.0, 2007

Recursed in a recursion

Milkdrop Shader Pipeline

Blatant Selfie Time

(image by Rafaël Rozendaal)
Hello Cologne, Hello World Wide Web


World of shader toys

Progressive image-based fractal generation

The Drop

Pixels can be anything

Cellular Automatons


Reaction-Diffusion / Turing Patterns

Reaction-Diffusion / Turing Patterns


Blog post by
Frederik Vanhoutte: turning noise into a thing of beauty
First take in WebGL (2013, not continued)

Transform Feedback (sort of)

Drifting with the Noise

Grasping the Edge

Projection (Mapping)

Fluid simulation

Fluid simulation demos


Strange attractors in 3D

Strange attractors in 3D

Baking a Cake analogy

What are dimensions anyway?

Cutting Time


Grab a zip bag (to roll your own)